Xbox Series X Vs PS5: Which is Best?


For the gaming platform, then we have enough for choosing the best among the best for boosting your level and performance. Among them, the Xbox Series X and PS5 both are perfect as per your need. No doubt both are the best among the best for you to get more favorable than what you want. That’s the reason for finding the best among the best from the Xbox Series X Vs PS5.

Both the consoles are the high quality in terms of their every spec. We have found that both the consoles are the latest and power that comes with the better performance.

Coming to the topic where we have included the most major factors that make it easy in deciding which is better: ps5 or Xbox series x from this. Also, you will choose the better next-gen compatibility console as per your need.

Xbox Series X Vs PS5: The Best One

As we have already mentioned, both are the best and powerful console that meets all your needs. Getting over this console will definitely turn your gaming experience to the next level. Further, we get a high resolution on both this platform.

Both the Xbox Series X and PS5 are the next-gen consoles that come with the capability based on. From there, both are best among the best. If you are familiar with the PS4 Games, then the PS5 is perfect for you. Where if you are familiar with the All Xbox One games, then Xbox Series X is perfect for you?

After all of this, if you are still on the confusion whether you have to go for the PS5 Or Xbox Series X you need to check out the ps5 Xbox series x comparison.

Xbox Series X vs PS5 Specs Table

The comparison on PS5 and Xbox Series X Will be easy for you after getting this table based on the specifications.

ConsoleXbox Series XPS5
It’s Price$500$500
ExclusivesSenua’s Saga: Hellblade 2, Halo Infinite, State of Decay,Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Gran Turismo, Horizon II: Forbidden West, King Oddball, NBA 2K21, WRC 9
CPUOcta-Core, AMD Zen 2 with 3.8GHzOcta-Core, AMD Zen 2 with 3.5GHz
GraphicalAMD RDNA 2, 12.0 teraflopAMD RDNA 2, 10.3 teraflop
CompatibilityComplete/ All Available Xbox One games, Xbox 360Complete/All PS4 games
ROM / Storage SSD1 TB825 GB
Resolution (Max)8K8K
Frame Rate (Max.)120 fps120 fps

So, from it’s in almost all the features we can find, both the console is equal and has the same ability. We have got both consoles that are budget-oriented and meets the same level of features. Because of this, it’s an arduous task to trace out the best from these two.

Okay, now let’s make the proper comparison on both consoles in terms of their price, graphic card, and others.

In terms of Price

The price is also the major factor to be known on the PS5 Vs Xbox Series X. let me clear that the price segment of both consoles is almost the same. Yes, we can find the price of both consoles is around $500.

Because of their similar features, the price of both is equal. For this, get another option for choosing the best, either PS5 or Xbox X Series.

At all both are perfect for you. If you are still confused about getting the right one, then you need to go for the number of games, graphics to make clear on choice.

In terms of Graphics & CPU

The clock speed between the CPU of both console is only the single and key difference we got here. Here the Xbox X Series comes with the fastest clock speed up to 3.8GHz, where the clock speed of Playstation 5 is just 3.5GHz.

So, in terms of clock speed Xbox Series X is ahead. That’s the point for an easy selection of the best console for your need.

Moving towards the Graphical processing unit, Here also we got the AMD RDNA 2 that’s the same on both. While the 10.3 teraflop is found on the Playstation 5 is comparatively lesser than Xbox.

Overall, the Xbox Series X seems to be a better performer and best console for you in terms of it graphical and central processing function.

In terms of Games

The mandatory point that should be mentioned here is the number of games and its specs. If we move towards exploring the gallery of games in both, then it’s enough and large to see. Getting your favorite is easy on both consoles. But we got the number of games more in number in PS5.

The PlayStation 5 is the platform based for accessing and getting all the games from the PS4. Here we will get almost all the PS4 Games. Where the Xbox Series X is the complete package of the Xbox One Games, Xbox 360 and all the original Xbox Games.

The gaming experience will be great on both consoles with the power of 8K resolution with the maximum frame rate of 120fps. Getting with the core-gaming level will be more families on both. Besides this, the proper time gaming experience is even faster than compared to the Xbox Series X.

Playstation 5 is also popular among the users because of its large number of games like Astro’s Playroom, Demon’s Souls, Dead by Daylight, Fortnite, Goonva Fighter, Bugsnax, etc.

In terms of VR (Virtual Reality)

Getting over the game is not the major thing. But to get the game over the VR experience is the sole thing. Yes, if you will get the virtual level of experience while you are gaming, then both are perfect. But if we need to choose one among the two, then it’s best to have Playstation 5.

In another hand, the story of Xbox Series X is also true for the VR experience.


While making discussion over the Xbox Series X Vs PS5, we can find many almost the same specs. Till now we have clear that the Playstation 5 is the best platform in terms of the number of frames launched.

For the CPU and GPU then we have got the Xbox Series X is the better. For boosting your real-time performance, Xbox is best for you.

The RAM and SSD Storage is also another factor for determining the best for you. Although both the console features the maximum RAM capacity of 16GB based on GDDR6 we can find the difference in terms of storage.

The storage capacity of Xbox Series X is 1TB which is comparatively more than the PS5, which is 825GB.

Likewise, the Cloud streaming, compatibility, services, etc. are also the points that makes easy in deciding the beGPU,st console for you.

Final Words

Getting with the game on your PC is perfect by both consoles. If you are checking the backward capability of both consoles, then both have an excellent. With the Xbox Series X, it is possible to get with almost all the Xbox from the library of Microsoft.

Using this console you can easy compatible towards the Xbox 360 and Original Xbox Games. So, in terms of backward compatibility Xbox Series X is better and ahead.

Overall, we can get the Xbox Series X is quite better from our Xbox Series X Vs PS5 comparison. We got the Xbox ahead in terms of its number of games, design, backwards compatibility, etc.

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