What is Telegram app ?

Hello everyone, Hope you all well Today in this blog i am gonna tell you about what is telegram app and how can you use this application for messaging and about every feautres that can you easily use.

Now a days There is a increase in number of downloads of telegram application beacause of whatsapp privacy security reasons. So trusts of people to whatsapp is losing . Therefore people starts downloading telegram app for instant messaging.

1. What is telegram ?

Telegram is a messaging app similiar to whatsapp but have more than feautres than whatsapp and facebook messenger. Its has cross more than 500 millions downloads on playstore till now. You can also make a group with your friends in which you can add more than 2,00,00,000 members in a single group. It is best tool for hosting oniline communities to connect more people together.

2.What Features are available on Telegram ?

You can share large files,videos,document to anyone.

In telegram there are powerful photo and video editing tools available.

In telegram there is no limit of transffering files and videos. you can share without any limits of size.

You can store your data also in Sd card.

3.How can you make money by telegram ?

In Telegram you can also earns money by various steps as shown below:-

1. You can earn by telegram channel. First you have to make a telegram channel.

2. In your telegram channel you can earn by using link shortner. you can shorten links of movie and upload it in your channel and you can easily earn 100 dollars by Linkshortner in a month.

3. You can also earn by sponsoring the advertisements of products of company.

The Some Big channels also do paid promotion. The smaller channel give money to bigger channels to promote their channel. So by paid promotion your channel can easily grow fast.

4. If you have Amazon Affiliate Account you can also do Affiliate marketing by giving Affiliate links of products.

4.How to make telegram channel step by step

Step 1.

Download the Telegram App and click on start messaging.

Step 2.

Now create your account in telrgram and verify OTP then your account will create .

Step 3.

Now click on the slide, here you will get the option of Create New Channel, click on it.

Step 4.

After clicking, the new page will open Now you have to enter the name and description of your channel of telegram and click on Right Mark (√) above.

Step 5.

Now your Telegram Channel is created and Now add your profile pic of channel.

Some Releated question to Telegram asks by people:-

Q1. Is Telegram is secure ?

ans:- Yes, Telegram is safe it secures your data. Telegram protect your account data from third parties who want to steal your data.

Q2. Is Downloading movies from telegram is illegal ?

ans:- Yes,downloading movies from telegram channels is illegal. Some channel upload direct movies links without any legal permissions.

Q3. Is Telegram is banned in india ?

ans:-No,Telegram is not banned in india. you can easily use this application without any problem.

Q4.Is I earn money from Telegram ?

ans:- Yes, you can easily earn from telegram by link shortner,paid promotions,amazon affiliate links etc.

Hope, You guys now know everything about the Telegram,its features and how to create telegram channel and How you can earn from telegram. If you have any problem related to my this blog you can comment me down i can help you to solve your problems and if you like my blog then share this with your friends and family.| THANK YOU.

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