Philipsbt 50b vs jbl go

Philips BT50B and JBL GO both are a competitive wireless speaker that comes with the better quality features. If you are in finding the comparison between the Philips bt50 and JBL go then here we have discussed it. We recognize JBL and Philips as both brands for accessories that come with better quality and affordable prices. For this, we have discussed the Philips BT50B Vs JBL Go.

Philips BT50B Vs JBL GO: Comparison

We have already mentioned both wireless smartphones are best in terms of their quality and price. From the table specs given here, it can get easier in finding the best wireless speaker for you.

 JBL GOPhilips BT 50B
Peak Power3.0W2.0W
Backup5 hours6 hours
Battery TypeLi-OnLi-Po

Thetable shows the basic comparison between the JBL GO and Philips BT50B. After this let’s read the complete comparison between this in terms of its features and many other points.

JBL G0 Wireless Speaker

JBL GO is one of the best wireless speakers that I got with the thumping bass. Also, in terms of durability, this speaker is ahead. The body and dimension of this speaker are also best and portable to carry with you.

For its physical design type, then it comes in a square body shape. With its best sound quality, you can get more benefits from using this.

Here we can get the Micro USB Charger for charging the speaker. The charging process is simple and also fast for this JBL GO. For the battery backup, then its playback capacity is also good.

Overall, it’s the perfect wireless speaker and also the best competitor of Philips BT 50B.

Philips BT 50B Wireless Speaker

Philips’ BT 50B is one of the cylindrical-shaped wireless speakers with a clear and high bass sound. The weight of this speaker is lighter. Its weight is just 90grams due to which it’s easier to carry with you.

Coming to its sound measurement, we can get clear and decent sound output. With its Bluetooth connectivity, you can enjoy music within a distance of 10 meters.

Also, the charging process is quite easy and fast. Using the Micro USB you can easily charge this device.

Comparison Between Philips BT50B and JBL GO

When we move towards the Philips bt 50b vs JBL go then we can find not so much difference. It’s hard to find out the many differences between both products. So, for making it easy on you, we have mentioned some major points for comparison.


BaseJBL GOPhilips BT50B
No. of channels1.01.0
Power Rating3.0W2.0W               

When it comes to the comparison between the two products in terms of sound, then the JBL Go seems to be better than the Philips BT50B. The JBL GO comes with the best sound quality that makes you go for this.

We can find the 3W output in the JBL Go that makes the sound quality even better than the Philips. The Philips BT50B comes with a 2.0W output, which is comparatively lesser than the JBL GO.

The bass response that I got on JBL is far different and better to Philips. Also, the frequency distribution of the JBL Go is higher up to 20KHz.

In another hand, the frequency distribution of Philips BT50B is up-to 16KHz. After getting all this data we can find the JBL GO is better in terms of sound quality.

Handling phone calls is easy for you with the JBL because of its speakerphone. Yes, we can also detect the Microphone for taking your phone call and speaking.


BaseJBL GOPhilips BT50B
USB2.0, Micro USBMicro USB
Connection SourceIos, Android App, Windows Phone, Mac OS, 
Bluetooth Version4.12.1+EDR
Wired InputYes, 3.5mm, Micro USB 

The Bluetooth version available on JBL GO is the latest and newer than the Philips BT50B. In JBL we can find the V4.1 of Bluetooth where the Philips comes with the still older version 2.1+EDR. The latest Bluetooth makes the connection more stable and better.

In terms of USB, we can find the use of the USB 2.0 Version on the JBL with the port of Micro USB. Again, here the Philips cannot mention the USB Version placed by them in this wireless speaker.

The JBL Go also supports the wired source for the sound. Yes, we can find the 3.5mm audio jack for connecting your external accessories for the sound. Sadly, the Philips BT50B miss these features.

In terms of its connectivity features, the JBL GO is better. Also, the Philips BT50B good as per the price.


BaseJBL GOPhilips BT50B
Battery TypeLi-OnLi-Po
Backup5 hours6 hours
USB PoweredNoYes

The battery of Philips is more durable and gives longer backup. The fully charged Philips BT can run your playback for 6 hours. This 6 hours sound playback is enough to get under the budget price segment.

For the JBL, then the battery backup is quiet down than the BT50B. It can’t give the playback over 5 hours. Basically, the battery backup of Philips is quite better and longer.

They base the battery type of JBL on the Lithium Ions where the Philips has the Lithium Polymer. Also, there is the USB powered in BT50B but GO lacks it.

Overall, in terms of its power function the Philips BT50B is the best.

(Remember: The battery backup will decrease with an increase in the sound. Louder the sound the battery will drain fast)


BaseJBL GOPhilips BT50B
Weight4.640z (130gram)3.17oz (90gram)
Available Color1211

When it comes to the body and design, then we can find the Philips as the cylinder-shaped wireless speaker. Where the JBL GO has a square-shaped body. Both the wireless speaker looks decent and better.

Personally, I liked the Philips BT50B rather than the JBL GO in terms of its physical body. Its cylindrical-shaped body looks decent and impressive too. Also, the Philips is lighter than the JBL, it’s just 90grams.

But in the number of colors available, the JBL Go is ahead. We can find this product in 12 colors where the Philips comes in 11 colors.


After getting this short comparison, if you are still in confusion, then let me clear it. I want to mention that if you are in search of a better battery, better design, and portability then definitely the Philips BT50B is perfect for you.

Instead of that if you prefer to go for the better Bass, Sound quality, Connectivity support, and some other factors then JBL Is perfect for you.

Also, we’ve got the price of JBL G0 is higher than the BT50B. So, you have to also think about the price.

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