Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z Vs boAtRockerz 255

The demand for wireless earphones these days is on-trend. Because of this, we are always in search of and demand the best wireless earphones with better quality from the recognized brand. For this, we have got two best wireless earphones for under 2000 INR. Here we are with the discussion on Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z vs boAtRockerZ 255.

Oneplus earphones provide the best value for money, like boAt. When we come towards the comparison on Oneplus and boAt earphones, then the products from both brands are reasonable and price-oriented with the premium-level features.

Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z Vs boAtRockerz 255

When I read the review and collect the features from both earphones, then I got impressed with both of them. in terms of price, specs both earphones are perfect and okay for the users. It is great to get such premium level earphones from both successful brands.

Specifications: Oneplus Bullets Wireless &boAtRockerz 255

  • Features Oneplus boAt
  • Frequency Ratio - 20Hz-20KHz,20Hz-20khZ
  • Weight - 28g ,27.2g
  • Driver Unit Size -9.2mm ,10mm
  • Microphone-Yes,Yes
  • Battery -20h,6h
  • USB Type C -Yes,No   

Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z

Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z is one of the perfect and best earphones under 2000 INR. This earphone is compatible with all Bluetooth supportive devices. The company has mentioned that this earphone can give up to 10 hours of playback with the charge of just 10 minutes.

Coming to its Bluetooth capacity, then it’s great. Wit the Bluetooth range up to 10m gives the better sound performance for every user. This earphone is suitable for athletes, workers, and every type of user with sweat and water-resistant technology.

The Quick switch, Quick pair, and Magnetic control specs on this earphone make you easier and doubles your experience with clear and better sound quality. Also, the Latest Bluetooth V 5.0 gives a better and stable connection for you.

Also, the 20 hours longer hours battery backup makes you choose this earphone for every stage of your life. Overall, it’s the perfect earphone that I got and also the best competitor of boAtRockerz 255.

boAtRockerz 255

Coming to the boAtRockerz 255, the best alternative of Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z. This earphone comes with the mid-range battery performance, which is okay as per the price. Also, the Bluetooth version used on this earphone is enough and okay for getting a stable connection.

This earphone is compatible with all devices. You can use this earphone with any android smartphone, iPhone, bar phone, PC, and other sources. Similarly, its IPX5 water and sweat resistance assist the device to get safely from sweat and small rain.

Getting in touch with your boATRockerz 255 is long-lasting. We have got the 150 hours longer standby time with the playback of up to 10 hours. Also, getting hands-free phone calling and voice recording will be easier with the Mic.

Finally, getting with this earphone for under 2000 INR is the best option for you. In every feature, this earphone meets the requirements with comfortable additional earmuffs.

Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z Vs boAtRockerz 255: Features Comparison

Getting a clear-cut decision will only be possible after the feature to feature comparison. So, let’s check the comparison with almost all major specs.


We have found both the earphones feature the sweat-resistant with the weather-sealed (splash-proof). Because of this, both earphones are perfect for many users in any weather. You can use these earphones on light rain and on sweat bodies with no problems.

Except for the weight and wingtips, we can find almost the same level of features in terms of design. The major difference that I got between them is the weight. After the specs table, the weight of boAtRockerz 255 is 0.8g lighter than compared to Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z.

Sound Quality & Microphone

Sadly, both earphones lack active noise cancellation. Although there is no noise control on both earphones, we can find the Passive Noise Cancellation on both. Here we can find quite a longer driver unit on boAtrockerz. The driver unit size is 10mm (boAt) and 9.2mm (Oneplus).

Also, getting hands-free calling on both earphones is okay. With this Microphone, you can get easier on recording the audio and activating any other AI command.

Overall, both the earphone has the better sound quality. But if I have to go for one then I go towards the Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z.


Both the earphone has good battery backup and capacity. Although both the earphone is capable of providing the better response, we can find the better battery capacity on Oneplus.

Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z comes with a battery backup of 20 hours. It’s the highest and great feature I got about Oneplus. The Oneplus has clearly mentioned this earphone can work up to 10 hours with the charge of just 10 minutes.

The warp charging technology used on this earphone makes your charging super fast. You can get long hours to stand by with this powerful back. Further, we can find the battery level indicator with the rechargeable battery over the USB.

When we talk about the boAt then we can find this earphone can work up to 6 hours. This earphone can get charged up to 100% within just 1.5 hours. Getting the 6 hours longer Talk time is pretty enough for the users with the 150 hours’ standby time.

As with Oneplus, we can find the battery level indicator and a rechargeable battery on this earphone. Overall, the Oneplus earphone is better in terms of a longer life battery and better lifetime.


The Oneplus wireless z comes with the latest USB Type C, which was not included on boAt. Also, for the wireless connection, we have Bluetooth. The Oneplus comes with the latest version of Bluetooth.

Also, we can find the support of Bluetooth paring features on Oneplus with NFC. Finally, we got Oneplus with the better connectivity features. The support of the Latest USB port, the latest version of Bluetooth make your earphone more stable and latency-free.


We get almost the same features on both earphones. Both the earphone comes with the support of a headset, voice commands, voice prompts, etc.

The plus point that I got on Wireless Z is the Mute Function. Yes, Oneplus wireless features the Mute function.

The Oneplus Bullets are quite better in terms of specifications. The principal reason behind quite better is because of it’s the price. Yes, the price of Oneplus Wireless Z is comparatively higher than the boAtRocerz 255.

Which is better?

From the deep comparison, review, and research we have got these major point,

Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z

  • Better Bass
  • 14 hours longer battery backup
  • Newer / latest Bluetooth version (V5.0)
  • Comes with Latest USB Port (USB Type C)
  • Fast charging and has Mute function
  • NFC for Bluetooth pairing

boAtRockerz 255

  • Handy for sports with the Wingtips
  • Bigger Driver Unit for better sound output
  • Lighter than Oneplus


Overall, from the comparison between the Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z Vs boAtRockerz 255 we have got the Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z earphone is more perfect and better. The focal point that makes me go for the Oneplus because of its longer battery life.

The longer battery life with the fast charging support makes the users go for the Oneplus although its price is quite higher than the boAtRockerz 255.

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