JBL C100SI Review : Is it worth purchasing ?

JBL C100SI is one of the best-wired earphones with a better quality of wires. In this earphone, we can find the better quality design overall. Further, there is the extra deep bass for maximizing your sound performance. Here, we are for the JBL C100SI Review.

JBL C100SI Review: Price, Features, Quality, Built, and Many More

It is one of the wired-based earphones that comes with a very lightweight. Due to its lightweight, this earphone is easy to carry with you and wear for long hours. The price of JBL C100SI is below 1000INR.

After getting all the specs, features, and built quality, we have included this earphone as one of the best earphones under 1000INR.


Colour  - Black

Type - Wired

Fit-Type - In-Ear

Dimension - 6x3x17.5cm

Weight - 50g

Speakerphone -Yes

Model No. - JBLC100SIUBLK

Compitible -  Smartphones, Mobile, PC, Tab, Audio Source

This table shows the basic details about the JBL C100SI Wired Earphone.

JBL C100SI- A Wired Earphone

JBL C100SIis that perfect earphone I got in an online store. This earphone is one of the mind-blowing earphones that comes with an incredible music experience. No doubt, it’s a great thing to get such an earphone under 1K INR in India.

In this headphone, we can find the 80% pros with less than 20% cons. It meets almost all the features and requirements of the premium earphone.

For the weight, then it’s not heavier than 50g. well, from my side the 50gram is okay for such a premium quality product. its In-ear nature makes it more capable and easy in plugging in your ear.

its Inbuilt microphone makes you easier in handling your phone calls. With this microphone, the users can talk on the phone calls easily.

Also, controlling over the music playback also in this earphone with the help next and previous button. In terms of its physical outlet then it looks perfect with the black color. Further, it’s compatible with all OS and devices makes your choice wider for this product.


Almost all the features found on this earphone are perfect and considerable in terms of price. Here, you can check the features of JBL C100SI.

Design: Features the Sleek, Gloss, and impressive design. In terms o design and built quality, the earphone looks attractive.

Dimension: for the dimension, then we all need to go for that earphone having a good dimension ratio. If it is that, then we can find this earphone with the desired dimension that will be perfect for you.

Here we can find this earphone comes with a dimension of 6x3x17.5cm. it’s the lxbxh of the earphone.

Compatible: JBL C100SI is one of the compatible earphones. There is no doubt in saying this earphone is one of the compatible devices. This device supports/supports many devices.

This earphone is compatible with your audio player, PC, Smartphones, Bar phones, tablets, and other sources of sound that come with the 3.5mm audio port.

Mounting Hardware: We have found the features of mounting hardware in this earphone. It means there are Headphones, 3x ear tips that you need to have on good and premium earphones. Although it’s not premium price earphones, we go it.

Microphone: From the same budget segment, we have found many earphones with the microphone. Although that’s the point, here we can get a better quality microphone for clear phone calling.

Connection Type: It is one of the wired type earphones. We can find the long wire on this earphone with the 3.5mm audio jack.

Weight: The weight of JBL C100SI is just 50grams.

Others: Noise cancellation microphone for the hands-free call, One-button universal remote, Activate Google Assistant.

The Best Earphone Under 1000 INR

When I got all the specs and features about this earphone with its price on Amazon I was very surprised. The major reason behind this is its features. Yes, it is one of the best earphones below 1000 with much better quality.

In every point and specs, I agree and give the 4 ratings over the 5. Mainly I like the design of this earphone. Besides this its noise cancellation microphone also makes me go for this earphone.

Further, I got easier at controlling my Google Assistant using this earphone. It is simple to activate the Google Assistant and give the command as per our voice.

Also, controlling the music and video playback was easy for me with its control button on the mic panel. Personally, I really appreciate this earphone under 1000 INR.

The Best Earphone for All Users

Many people are still in confusion whether they have to buy these earphones. If you’re in that dilemma, then let me explain its field.

This earphone is perfect for many users. Either you are travelers, dancers, officers, students, etc. this is one of the all-time and all field earphones. You can use these earphones at any time, and by every professional people.

Also, it’s just not made by focusing on the child, adult, man, women, etc. In every step, it’s the perfect earphone that I got for many users. With its good and strong quality cable, you don’t need to worry about it.

Pros and Cons of JBL C100SI Earphone

Finally, let’s find the positive and negative points that I got in this earphone to make your final decision on it.


1. It’s one of the lightweight earphones

2. Impressive and Glossy Design

3. Compatible with all devices

4. Portable

5. High Bass, Better Sound Quality than Boat 225

6. Microphone with Noise cancellation

7. 3 Pai Ear tips

8. One-Button Universal Remote


1. Lacks Tangle-free cable

2. Better Bass Earphones found below its price


Overall JBL C100SI is one of the best earphones under 1000 INR. This earphone features almost the majority of features to have in premium quality earphones. The Noise cancellation features overall, and One-button remote control is the two major points that make this earphone super.

From my side, if you are looking to get the best and premium earphones below 1000 with a mic then it’s for you. Also, if you want to get the Google Assistant features, Portability makes you love this.

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