How to use laptop as monitor for ps4

Playstation is one of the best consoles for gaming as like Xbox from Microsoft. Yes, if you are a gamer and can’t start your day without gaming, then you must know how the Playstation is. PS4 is the best gaming console with several games to play to get full-time enjoyment in gaming. So, for this, we are with the tutorial on how to use laptop as a monitor for ps4.

PS4 is one of the most popular consoles with enough games as per your need. Here you can get the games to play as your need and category. Yes, it’s easy and better to find the best games to play on this console.

Although playing games is more favorable and easy on the big screen, it may not be possible to have such because of various reasons. Because of many gamers, maybe like you are in search of the alternative way for connecting other screens and get back to the game.

If you are that gamer thinking of the best way to use the laptop screen as the monitor for this, then it’s for you. But can you tell me that is possible to connect the laptop as the monitor for the PS4 Console?

Although it’s possible to connect and fulfill to give the one how to connect ps4 to laptop screen but not. Yes, we can connect and use the laptop screen as a monitor for your Playstation4.

For that, you need to follow some steps that help in connecting with your laptop screen and PlayStation.

How to Use Laptop as Monitor for PS4?

As we have already mentioned that connecting your laptop to make it as the monitor is not a simple task. For that, you need have to follow some tactical steps. After following the steps that we are going to mention makes you easy in connecting.

Although connecting the HDMI is one of the basic steps for this tutorial, it doesn’t work. For that, we all need to go for the tutorial on how to connect ps4 to the laptop screen.

To make it easy, we have mentioned the two methods for you.

Method 1: Using Capture Card

The best method that I got for connecting your SONY PS4 console is using the capture card. The capture card is one of the perfect solutions for this problem. Using this card you can easily connect your laptop and use its screen as the PS4 monitor.

From this process, you can easily connect the laptop with the PS4 but for that, fulfill the requirements like a Capture card, Supportive laptop, File sharing option, Internet connection, S-Video connection, and HDMI Cable.

How to Use Laptop as Monitor for PS4 with Video Capture: Steps,

1. Turn on the file-sharing option from your PS4 console.

2. Make the network connection, go to the Network setting, and connect to the internet.

3. Connect the USB cable to the laptop USB port after connecting the console to an internet connection.

4. Use the S-Video connection for joining the Video card. Use the S-Video connection that helps in connecting with the video card to the console.

5. Make sure the HDMI-In Link connected with the Capture card and HDMI-Out link with the Console.

6.Run the PS4 after connecting the capture card to ps4 console. This process loads the console to the screen of your laptop.

7. Finally done.

It is one of the best and effective methods that I got all over the internet after a lot of videos and bing searches. Using this method, we hope you can now make the laptop screen the monitor for ps4.

Method 2: Using HDMI / Remote Play

The SONY Remote play is another method that helps on how to use laptop as monitor for ps4. We all know Remote Play is one tool that we can get on the set of the console. Using this remote play that comes with the console will help in using the laptop as your monitor.

The process is not as easy as our first method of using the capture card. But it is sure that you don’t need to have more tools and requirements as like the previous method. Here you go,

What you need—USB Cable, PC/ Laptop, Better Internet Connection, and PS4 Console

1. Download the Remote Play App from the site, click here. Install the latest version / as per your laptop support.

2. Go to the “Settings” of your console and open the “PlayStation Network”. From there you have to choose the ‘Account Management’ and enable the ‘Active as Primary PS4’ option.

3. Now Keep/turn on the rest mode on your Console. Then go to The Settings of the Remote Play. For that go to the Settings and find the ‘Remote Play Connection Settings.

4. Turn on the Power Save Settings by toggling it. This process will run the console from the connected network connection.

5. Before going to start you have to adjust and fix the resolution, fps for a better gaming experience on your laptop screen. Choose the best resolution and frame per rate.

6. Now you have to connect the gaming controller to the PC using the USB.

7. To start you have to simply click on the ‘Start’ button. After that, fill in the login details for getting access. Finally, you are able and successful to use the laptop screen as the monitor for playing your favorite games from the PS4 console in need.

8. Final Words

Using the laptop screen as the monitor is one of the best ways that I got in case of not having the big screen like TV for that. Because of various reasons, we may not have the Smart TV to get a better gaming experience on a smaller screen.

So, we hope the two best and effective tutorials on how to use laptop as monitor for ps4 will help you. These both are beneficial and effective for making continue to your games in terms of you don’t have the favorable means for playing.

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