How to connect iphone to samsung smart tv via Bluetooth


One of the basic and most searched tutorials by the users who have an iPhone and Smart TV from Samsung. If you are also the one having an iPhone and Smart TV from Samsung in your home, then it is sure that you are also in a search of the tutorial on how to connect iPhone to Samsung smart tv via Bluetooth.

If you are willing to connect your iPhone to your smart tv, then don’t worry. We have enough options for choosing the best among best methods that will be an easy and time-saving method.

We all know that the casting process is one of the trending topics and practices for all tech lovers. The major reason for this is no other than getting the bigger screen for visual that makes it easy in performing your task.

Mainly we do this for mirroring, watching the shows, movies, and favorites on the big screen, etc. further for better gaming we have seen some users are doing this. Anyway. Making no delay let’s find how to connect Samsung smart tv with iPhone.

How to Connect iPhone to Samsung Smart TV via Bluetooth

As we have already mentioned there many steps regarding the making connection between your Samsung smart tv with iPhone via Bluetooth. Among the various steps here you can check the best method and tutorial.

Using Lightning Digital AV Driver

Using lighting digital AV Driver is the simplest and basic method for making the connection between your iPhone and any android tv. You can easily share your iPhone screen with any Smart TV from Samsung with the help of this AV Driver.

Personally, it is one of the simplest, fastest, and easy processes for getting connected with your iPhone on Smart TV from Samsung. Here’s the step.

1. Connect the AV Adaptor in the USB/ Charging port of iPhone. In terms of Smart TV, you have to connect the HDMI Side to the HDMI Port of Samsung TV.

2. Go to the TV Input source. Open the Smart TV and choose the source to HDMI from the list of USB, TV, AV, etc.

3. Wait for a moment. If everything is okay, then your device will get connected to the Samsung Smart TV.

4. Finally Done.

Lightning Digital AV Driver is one of the fastest, easy, and simple methods for connecting your iPhone to Any Samsung Smart TVs.

Using Chromecast by Google

The suitable method that I got after AV Adaptor for connecting your iPhone device to the Samsung Smart Tv is Google Chromecast. It’s one of the easy and fastest methods for connecting any device to another platform, but not only of iPhone devices.

Using this method you can likely get watched to your favorite movies, media galleries, surf the internet, and many more. For that, you need to know connecting using this method.

1. Open the Google Chromecast on your iPhone. While on TV you have to plugin the Google Chromecast.

2. Now you have to connect to the wireless network. For that choice, any Wi-Fi network from which you want to connect. This will auto-configure the connection.

3. Select the Smart TV (your TV id or name) and connect it.

4. By this, you can easily connect your iPhone with the Smart TV.

It’s another best method for connecting your iPhone to the Smart TV. But from my side, it’s not a more favorable method for getting full access over the phone.

Using AirPlay

AirPlay is one of the basic and simple methods for connecting to any Samsung Smart TVs. Yes, it is one method for creating a fast over an iPhone with the Smart TV.

Airplay is one of the own platforms and features developed by Apple Incorporation for making easy connections over other platforms. With this method, you can get access and stream all the movies and videos from your device. It makes the connection between both devices secure, fast, and better.

How to connect,

1. Turn on the AirPlay features from the settings. For that, go to the settings and find the AirPlay option.

2. For easy, swipe the control panel and choose it. Here you can get the Screen Mirroring option.

3. Make sure you have to choose the device on receiving mode, find your Smart TV, and connect it.

4. After this you can make the connection between the two devices. Now you can share the screen and access the multimedia.

It’s also a simple method for connecting your iPhone and Samsung Smart TV. By this it grants you the Screen Mirroring option for making control over the screen and media files.

Using Video TV Cast

The master method on how to connect iPhone to Samsung smart tv via Bluetooth that I got is using the Video TV cast. Yes, it is one of the favorable and final methods from us for making it easy in connecting both devices.

Video TV Cast is an application-based on works on wireless nature. For this, both the device must have installed this app before making a connection. Here’s how to connect,

1. Download and install the Video TV Cast on both TV and in iPhone.

2. After installation, open this app on both platforms/ devices.

3. On your phone, tap on the ‘Cast’ option to connect. Also, follow the same process in Samsung Android Smart TV.

4. After that, you will see the panel of the IP address in a new pop-up window. Simply, you need to copy and enter that IP address got on the screen of your phone to the TVs using the remote.

5. Finally done.

Using these simple steps, you can share the screen and get full enjoyment. But you need to remember that your old iPhone running below the iOS 7.0 may not able to get this feature complete.

For these steps, you need to make sure that your both device (TV and Phone) are connected to the same network (Wi-Fi).

The 4 best method on how to connect iPhone to Samsung smart tv via Bluetooth will be enough for making you happy and complete your research on this topic. We hope you can now connect your iPhone device to any Samsung Smart Tv easily. 

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