Boat warranty claim

The warranty policy is mandatory for almost all and each product for future risk. Because of this, we can get the warranty period for almost the majority of products. Due to this, we find that product with the proper warranty for future. Among the various products, we are now with the boAt accessories. Here we are on how we can do boat warranty claims.

If you any products and accessories from the boAt brand then you can easily claim that service with our tutorial. Getting the response and support about the warranty claiming process will possibly within the warranty period.

BoAt Warranty Claim and After Sales Service

boAt is one of the leading accessories brands in India with better after-sales service. Yes, there is no doubt in saying boAt brand is ahead in providing the after-sales service for you. it’s an after-sales service that gives the proper support to the users also after the sale of the product. This makes it easy on dealing with and sharing the problems with the seller within warranty period. Due to this, we are here to give a complete boat warranty claim tutorial you.

Terms & Conditions Regarding the boAt Warranty (T & C)

Before giving the warranty there will be some terms and conditions between the seller and buyer. Because of this to claim the warranty you have to fulfill all the points by the company policy. The company can’t give the service for you regarding that product if the terms don’t agree that.

For this reason, we have to keep in mind the users and buyers to follow the different terms and conditions to get able for boat warranty claim. Here is for you,

boAt has mentioned they can’t accept the claim from the problems relating to,

  • Abuse/ Misuse
  • Accident and by users’ self
  •   Malicious destruction
  • Wear and tear
  • Acts of Nature

Things to consider before claiming?

If you are planning for boat warranty claim then be sure you meet all three major points.

Invoice copy: You must have a copy of the purchase bill/ invoice. You can get this invoice from the seller. If you have purchased it from an online store like Amazon, Flipkart or Mayntra then you need to download that invoice copy.

Under Warranty period: Also, you need to make sure your product is under the warranty period. It means you cannot claim a warranty after its period completion.

As per T & C: your product can get a warranty claim. It means you need to make sure your product is not be damaged and suffer from the T&C

How to get a Purchase Invoice?

There is no issue if you have downloaded or save the purchase invoice at the time of paying the bills of your boAt earphones and headphones. If not, then you can simply follow these steps to get a copy of the invoice for claiming the boat warranty.

Most us prefer to Amazon rather than Flipkart so here I am to mention the tutorial on Amazon. You can also apply these same steps on another shopping platform.

1. Log in to your Amazon account. Either from the Amazon app or Website.

2.  Tap on option/ menu (three vertical lines) from the top left corner.

3. Tap/click on “Your Orders”. Here you can find all lists of products ordered by you.

4.  Search your ordered product name like ‘boAt earphone’ and find that product.

5. After finding the product just click/tap and open it.

6.  On “Order info” you can find the ‘Download invoice’ option.

7.  In the pop-up you can get the 2 options. Choose or click on the “Invoice” and then “Download documents”.

8.  Your invoice will get the download. Finally Done.

You can easily follow almost the same option or process on your PC too.

Boat Warranty Claim: How to Claim Boat Warranty?

If your product from boAtget damaged or occurs problems and that follows the terms and conditions, then you can claim the warranty within the warranty period. It means you cannot get the claim of your warranty if it exceeds the warranty period and not as per the T&C.

To make it more effective, we have taken the boAtBassheads 225 Blue.

Boat Warranty Registration: Step by Step

Go to the support page of boAt,link here.

After visiting that support page of boAt you have to choose “Register a Complaint” for registering.

It will open the “Register Complaint” page.

Choose the “Product Group” as ‘Wired Earphones/ Headphones’.

From the “Product” panel you have to choose the product name of your headphone/ earphone. For us, we are going to boat warranty claim on Bassheads 225 Blue. So choose that product name. You can use the search box for getting easier in search for your product name.

From Register Complaint you have to enter your postal code/ area Pincode. Enter the proper area code for getting genuine support. After entering the area code, you can have 2 options. If there is any boAt service center near you (in your area) then you can get the details of that service center on the pop-up window. If not, then you can go for further steps.

If there is no service center near your area, then you will be redirected to the new complaint registration. Now here you have to fill in the details.

Fill in all the asked details as per the invoice. Fill in your name, phone number, state, product group, product, mail address, shipping & Pickup address.  

After filling in all the contact details, you have to mention the problem heading and describe the problems regarding your headphones or earphones.

After completing the all details you have to upload the invoice you have downloaded (see the above steps to get invoice copy). Also, enter the purchase date (you can get the purchase date from that invoice easily).

At last check on agree box and then complete the robot captcha. Finally, submit the complaint.

After completing the registration of the complaint you can get the ticket/ tracking code for tracking your product updates. Using this tracking code, you can track the updates regarding your submitted product. If everything is perfect and okay, then the boat pickup will take your device for fixing the issues.

boAt Contact Details

If there are any problems regarding the complaint or delay on pickup of your product, then you can simply get in touch with the boAt India for further support. For that, you need to contact them,


Contact no: +91-2249461882, 022-4946-1882

How to Cancel Registered Complaint on boAt?

 some mistake if you had submitted the complaint on boAt product support, then you can simply cancel that complaint. For that, you have to visit theboAt Manage Page and cancel it by finding you’re complaint.

How many Days it takes to pickup my Product?

Within 2 days the boAt will pickup your product from the address given by you while submitting the details from the Registration page.

Final Words

Using these simple steps you can complete the boAt warranty claim process. We hope this tutorial makes it easier to get in touch with us and boAt.

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