Best Water Purifier in India Under 10000

After searching a lot over the internet and online store we have listed the best water purifier in India under 10000. Well, we have already mentioned the comparison and process on how the filter machine works. So, let’s find the best water purifier under 10000.

Best Water Purifier in India Under 10000

Although we can find the limited option in choosing the right and best water purifier machine in an Indian market under 10000 we have tried our best for giving you the best list. From a lot of research and features on each water purifier under 10000, the conclusion gives the following list.

Mainly we have included the water purifier in this list from the KENT, HUL, Faber, etc. brands. On the basis of it’s better filtering process we have mentioned some best among best water purifier that meets all the needs that you can expect under your budget. Here you go,

OSMO Benz Water Purifier

OSMO Benz is that super price killer water purifier that comes with the higher water capacity from the list. Yes, here you can find the tank of this purifier supports or holds up to 15 liters. Also, there is a complete filtering process in this water purifier.

You can check our previous post on “LG Vs Kent Water Purifier” where we have clearly mentioned that RO+ UV +UF is the complete filtering technology must-have on a good purifier.

To get pure and desired water for a healthy life is possible after getting to these all the 3 purification technology. Also, we can find the TDS controller system on this purifier that makes it easier and complete the purification.

Going for its physical body then there is the use of Plastic material looks transparent. Further, The combination of white-blue color makes the physical looks of the purifier amazing.


  • Better design and comes with the blue-white color looks impressive
  • Features the complete purification technology, RO+UV+UF
  • TDS Controller System for more convenient in purification
  • Maximum water storage capacity upto15 liter
  • Purifies the water upto15 liter per hours
  • 1 Year Product warranty


  • Quality of this purifier is not so good, as per the reviewers
  • Pathetic service after buying

KENT Maxx 7-Litre Water Purifier

One of my favorite and most popular brands in the crowd of water purifiers is KENT. Maxx is that complete water purifier that comes under 10000 in an Indian market. No doubt the quality of this product is perfect in terms of price.

It’s that water purifier that comes with a low price but prominent features. Definitely, here we get the multiple purification technologies that make you take pure water for your healthy life.

With its UF + UV purification technology process, you can get your water pure by bypassing all the bacteria and viruses from the water.

The installation process of this water purifier is simple and easy. Likewise, placing for home use is perfect with its wall-mounted nature. You can paste it into your wall to save the area in your kitchen.

It’s one of the most capacitive water purifiers that provides an output of 60 liters per hour from its purification process. Also, the cleaning process is easy with the Detachable storage tank found in KENT Maxx.


  • Simple and better design
  • Transparent nature with its plastic body
  • Features the best purification technology, UV+UF
  • Easy in cleaning and removal of wastewater with its detachable storage tank
  • Purifies the water up to 60 liters per hour
  • 1 Year Product warranty


  • Not so durable and may stops working sometimes
  • Lacks TDS Controller System for more convenient in purification
  • No Pre Filter
  • Jam in filtering process as per the reviewer


HUL Pureit Advance Plus

HUL Pureit Advanced Plus is the perfect and best water purifier in India under 10000. This water purifier features the TDS which can be used upto 2000ppm. Also, the design of this purifier looks good as per the price with the dimension of 16.56 x 38 x 42.30 cm.

Here we get the advanced purification technology process that provides pure and drinkable water for you. No doubt here we can find the R0+UV+MP technology.

The complete water purification process in this HUL Pureit Advance Plus can be completed in 6 steps. As we’ve already mentioned, the TDS level up to 2000ppm makes water purer by turning it to soft and clean from hard water.

Also, the RO Membrane presents here makes your water pure by removing all the percentage of salt and solid present in your water.


  • Clean plastic design with rectangle shape looks decent
  • Comes with the pure purification technology, RO+UV+UF+ TDS
  • TDS Controller System based on 2000ppw for soft and clean water
  • Makes water drinkable within 6 steps
  • Features Power saving mode, can runs on low power too
  • 1 Year Product warranty


  • Active and irritating noise (customer review)
  • Maximum water storage capacity upto 5 liter

Faber Galaxy Pro Plus

This 7 stage water purifier machine comes with a plastic body. Although the body is packed with hard plastic, it looks like a metallic design. Let me clear it’s a powerful water purifier with the 2500pps TDS Level.

Faber Pro Plus comes with the 7-liter water capacity with the complete 7 steps for making water pure. As with our previous HURE Pureit Advance Plus, here we get the use of the same technology, RO+UV+ MAT purification.

We can find the many important features in this purifier that we all need for complete water purification. With its RO Membrane, we can get pure water by removing the sand, mud, and solid items. These steps will be better and advance the filter by 20 microns.

The UV Lamp helps in making the water free from harmful germs, unseeable insects, viruses, etc. microbes from the water to make it pure. For making the water drinkable and better we can find the Pre-carbon filter.


  • Germ Blocking Technology
  • Purification technology is complete, RO+UV+MAT
  • TDS level upto 2500pmw
  • 1 Year Product warranty
  • · Cost satisfied (As per Buyer)


  • Simple Design
  • The water storage capacity is just 7 liter

LivePure Glo 6 Stage Purifier

Searching for the best water purifier in India under 10000 for live pure life? Don’t worry, we are with another best product for making your life healthy with pure water. LivePure GLO is perfect for your home that comes with RO+UV+Mineraliser purification technology.

It’s another electric water purifier from our list that comes with the 6 stage purification with the limited 7-liter storage tank. Here also we can find the Germ protecting technology that we need to make the purified water safe from germs.

LivePure Glo is a food-grade plastic material purifier that meets all the filtering technology. With its RO membrane, you can make the water free from the sediments, UV for killing the viruses, bacteria, and other unseeable water insects called microbes.

Further, there is also the Miernaliser for adding the mineral flavor to your water. After completing all the purification processes I think you don’t need to go paying the heavy amount in terms of mineral water.


  • Tall plastic body comes with the Food Grade Plastic
  • Comes with the RO+UV+Mineraliser purification technology
  • Easy in installation
  • 1 Year Product warranty


  • Maximum water storage capacity upto just 7 liter
  • Waste Heavy percent of water, 650ml from a liter

BLUE MOUNT Crown Star BM55

The plastic-made water purifier that comes with the capacity of holding 12 liters of water is perfect for you. It’s that best water purifier in India under 10000 that comes with the RO water purification technology.

BLUE MOUNT Crown Star BM55 comes with the Blue color that’s already mentioned by its brand name. They can complete the water purification process in this purifier within 6 easy steps.

The 6 stages of purification areas RO Membrane, Antioxidant, Alkaline, UF Membrane, Sediment, and Pre-carbon filter. With these 6 steps, you can get pure water for drinking.

Coming to its installation then it’s easy to install it anywhere by seeing the manual card too. Further, we can find the easy clean feature in this purifier.

Personally, I like the design of this water purifier. The clean blue, white transparent glass for easy notice makes you go for this. Also, its Alkaline RO + UF Purification technology makes water as you want for a healthy life.


  • Simple but attractive design, with blue-white color
  • RO + UF Technology with Carbon Flavor
  • Complete 6 purification stage
  • Maximum water storage capacity upto 12 liter
  • 1 Year Product warranty


  • Uncomfortable look


KENT Ultra Storage Water Purifier

We have found KENT Ultra Storage Water Purifier from the list of best water purifiers under 10000 in India that comes with UV & UF Technology. Also, its physical design looks impressive and cool with White, blue colors.

It’s one of the powerful and fast work processing water purifiers from our list that has a capacity of 60-liter water purification in an hour. Besides this, with its UF and UV purification technology, it’s able to get pure drinkable water.

With its UV, the water can be free from bacteria, insects, and germs. Where UF purification technology, we can include the pre-activated carbon mineralizer for making water more favorable.

KENT ULTRA STORAGE is perfect for making water purely supplied from the source like tube-well, tap, and another source. Personally, I like its super-fast purification process.


  • Outstanding physical design looks attractive.
  • Multiple purification technology UV+UF
  • Purifies the water up to 60 liters per hour
  • 1 Year Product warranty


  • Maximum water storage capacity is just 8 liter, not enough


HUL Pureit Advanced Pro

Advance PRO is really a PRO Level product from HUL. This water purifier comes with an extreme-level feature that makes you go for it.

To make your water pure, we can find the use of 6 total steps in it. With its RO+ UV Purification technology, we can find the advance and pro-level purification process.

Coming to its design and capacity. This purifier comes with a plastic black color that looks impressive and like a steel body. Where in terms of water storage capacity we can find just 7 liter which is enough and okay for normal users?

With its food-grade engineered plastic design, it looks really impressive and also easy in cleaning process. Further, we can find the TDS that can be used up-to 2000ppm.

We can also find the elements like calcium, minerals, magnesium, carbon for making water pure and tasty by maintaining the level of purity.


  • Wonderful and impressive design
  • 100% Purification with the 6 stage
  • TDS upto 2000ppm
  • Provides pure water by adding minerals, calcium, magnesium, etc.
  • 1 Year Product warranty


  • Maximum water storage capacity is just 7 liter


Eureka Forbes AquaSure

One of the complete and powerful water purifiers below 10000 that meets all the purification technology is Eureka Forbes AquaSure. It’s the middle-sized water purifier machine that comes with a Grey color over the plastic body.

Its food-grade plastic-type with the Smart LED indicator makes it easy on indicating the power status of this purifier. Further, we can find the complete status like tank full status using this LED Indicator.

It’s easy to sing the TDS in this water purifier from 200-2000ppm. Because of this, it’s easy to use the level of TDS as per the source of water that you are using for purification.

Similarly, the RO+UV+MTDS Purification process makes the water 100% favorable and pure for drinking. Also, getting the carbon, minerals, magnesium in water is possible through this purifier.

As with some purifiers from this list, Eureka Forbes AquaSure also only provides 35% of pure water by throwing 65% of water per liter. Anyway, it’s the perfect product with an attractive design like Pureit advance pro and KENT Ultra storage.


  • Multiple purification technology, RO+UV+MTDS
  • Smart LED Indicator for status
  • TDS Controller System from 200-2000ppm
  • 1 Year Product warranty


  • Maximum water storage capacity just upto 7 liter


Blue Star Aristo

Blue Star Aristo is the last purifier from our list of best water purifier under 10000 in India. This water purifier comes with RO+UV+UF Purification technology.

Getting water purified is easy and possible using this water purifier. Yes, with its 6 stage water purification based on the RO+UV+UF Technology, we can get the 100% pure water.

From the 6 stage of purification we can find the Pre-filter, carbon filter, sediment filter, RO/UF Membrane and UV Lamp. It uses all these processes for making water pure drinkable, soft and tasty.

Similarly, this purification machine comes with the Reverse Osmosis and Ultra Violet technology to provide the pure and tasty drinking water for your healthy life. Also, the outlook design of this purifier comes with an elegant look.

Also, with its water despair technology, we can feel easy in the cleaning process. Not only that, it’s easy In installation and can be placed in your wall, kitchen easily.


  • Elegant look with outstanding performance
  • Complete water purification technology, RO+UV+UF
  • Aqua taste booster with 5 stages of purification
  • Removes the impurities from the water with its Reverse Osmosis and Ultra Violet technology
  • 1 Year Product warranty


  • Maximum water storage capacity just 7 liter


Final Words

Making water 100% pure and drinkable with the great taste is possible after the use of best water purification machine. To get pure water for drinking and living a long life is possible for you, but for that you need to have a method that works in making water pure.

Because of this reason, we have provided some best water purifiers in India for under 10000. Here you have got some top water purifier that comes with the best and complete purification technology.

We have already mentioned that RO+UV+UF technology is termed as the complete water purification technology. By focusing on it we have seen the latest and featured a list of top 10 Water purifier below 10000.

Also, it’s possible to find and choose the best among the best water purifier for your home as per the need, features, design, capacity, budget and brands.

We hope our article for water purification meets all the points and requirements for making you easy in choosing the best for your need.

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