best projector for bright rooms

Going blind while selecting your projector for daylight viewing, trust me it cost you huge! when you are totally unconfirmed about what should you look for when you are picking up your projector.

Modern projector works fine with ambient light but normal projector don’t have enough brightness to work in bright lights.

If you are searching and planning to purchase the best Projector for Bright Rooms in 2021 what expectation from the projector you would be? The projector should portable, it must have at least  3,000 to 4,000 lumens, An ample amount of Brightness and throw ratio or the projector handle any ambient light without any hiccup.

Anyone who is spending $200 to $400 on a budget projector must expect these features. But, the question is could you find all these features in one projector?

After spending countless hours reading reviews and ratings of different best seller products, we have compiled a list of top Projectors for Bright Rooms in 2021.

1. Epson PowerLite 2250U

It’s that perfect and powerful projector for bright rooms comes with the 5000 Lumen Brightness level. Its brightness level is pretty enough for getting better vision even in sunny and outdoor projects. It’s 3 times higher color brightness to see on this projector. Here we got the 429Watts power for the running of the device.  

As more, we have to see the support of Dual connectivity option i.e, USB and HDMI. It’s one of the Full HD Projectors where you can enjoy the 1920 x 1080 Pixel screen measurement. Additionally, the screen size of this projector is also enough big.

Up to 300” bigger screen definitely makes your project better in the crowd of hundreds of people. Similarly, its additional wireless networking module maintains your privacy while using. On its wireless networking option, we can find an enterprise-level of security that protects your projects.

Personally, I liked the support of the Split-screen on this projector. Yes, as with smartphones you can easily use the split-screen features to perform display two tasks at a single time. I mean you can keep on using any other apps or programs like chrome for web search by playing video on half of the same screen.

With the superpower of an Eco mode you the Lamp life span is enough to see. Its 10000 hours long life span definitely makes you go on it. Additionally, its remote control features make it more favorable in terms of other best projector for bright rooms from the list.


  • Higher Brightness Level, 5000 Lumen
  • ECO Mode for Longer Lamp life
  • Split Screen Support
  • Bigger Screen
  • Full HD Resolution


  • Not Compatible for your Smartphones
  • Expensive in Price


Our Views: if you are targeting your project for the outdoor areas or in the over light area then Epson PowerLite 2250U is the best projector for outdoor projects. Its 5000-lumen Brightness makes it possible to complete your project in bright rooms.  Also, it’s the perfect for the longer life span of the lamp.


2. POYANK WXGA 3600 Lumens

POYANK WXGA comes with the 3600 Lumen brightness which is enough for making the clear vision projects on the brighter rooms. Here we can find the 720P resolution screen with the support of Full HD 1080P. The picture quality and its resolution is perfect in terms of their price.

When we move towards its compatibility then this device is compatible with the majority of the devices. Here we can find the support of HDMI, USB, SD & TF Card, AV, and others for making connectivity.

Its 200” inch screen size is enough for the normal audience. In fact, the 200” Display is one of the best options for big home entertainment and also for your project presentation.

When we go for the manual screen size deduction then it can display the 50” at the minimum distance of 1.55M. Additionally, its Built-in Stereo speaker magnifies the entertainment in your Home. In fact, you don’t need to search for any external speakers, it’s default stereo speaker brings the 3D Music effects with crisp sound.


  • Higher Brightness Level, 3600 Lumen
  • 60,000 hours Longer Lamp life
  • In-Built Hi-Fi Sorround Sound
  • Advanced Cooling System


  • Bugs on its Manual Keystone Adjustment

Our Views: POYANK WXGA is one of the lightweight and price-friendly projectors with the 3500 Lumens brightness. If you are In search of the best color production, simplicity, and multi-connectivity option then this is for you.

Personally, the color production of this projector is great. Yes, POYANK WXGA is one of the best projector under 200. In every feature, this projector meets your need.


3. COOAU Outdoor Movie Projector

COOAU may be the choice of the best projector for bright rooms. This projector comes with the 5500 Lumens peak brightness which is enough for your bigger brighter rooms too.

Here we can find the Full HD 1080P resolution which definitely meets the requirements of the best movie projector for your movies. Its Daytime features make it possible to project even in brighter and outdoor areas.

In terms of connectivity and compatibility, this projector is perfect for you. The Remote control on it is the key point for the users like you. As with our previous projector, this COOAU also comes with an In-built sound system. You don’t need to worry in terms of getting a problem with the sound experience. Yes, it’s clear, the loud, and crisp sound definitely makes your home projects and shows better.

When we go towards the fact of budget projectors we have got the biggest bugs, it’s overheating. In the context of COOAU, we can find the use of an advanced innovative cooling system that assists in cooling your device while in use for longer performance.


  • Outdoor Brightness with 5500 Lumen
  • Bigger, Better Image Production
  • In-Built Clear, Crisp Soundbar
  • Advanced Cooling System
  • Compatible on Smartphones too


  • Bugs on it's a Manual Keystone Adjustment
  • Single HDMI Port may not enough to use


Our Views: COOAU may be the perfect setting for your home purpose. If you want to get big-screen home entertainment with higher lumen then it may be an option for you. Also, the support of mobile phones definitely makes the possibility of using by the desired users.

Additionally, if you are in search of the Dual HDMI port of such connection then this may not be the projector of your need.

4. Acer H7850 4K Home Projector

It’s one of the expensive but the best projector for bright rooms that comes with the 4K Ultra HD Resolution screen support. If quality is the best policy for you and your project then I think there is no more than it. Yes, it’s the best projector for outdoor projects.

Its 4K UHD Resolution 3840 x 2160 pixel is the key feature that makes it more expensive and stands at the top in the crowd of projectors. Its 315 wattage power delivering capacity is okay.

The 3000 ANSI Standard Lumens' brightness is another key source of this Acer Home Theater Projector. We have got the 3000 Candela Per Square Meter peak brightness for projecting even in the brighter rooms.

The support of HDR is the perfect setting for the brighter, clear, and smooth pixels screen visual. As more, the contrast ratio is also okay with the support of 1.6X Optical Zoom. Further, we got this device more compatible in use with the support of devices.

At last, we can find an Epic sound quality from the 2 Inbuilt 5W speakers. Also, this project is more flexible in actual use. We can use the optical zoom features in this projector without any latency and bugs.



  • 4K UHD Screen Resolution
  • Stunning screen quality
  • AcuMotion for Smooth Performance
  • In-built Dual Sound System
  • Optical Zoom



  • Limited Brightness Level, 3000 Lumens
  • Fair Quality (As per reveiwer)


Our Views: Acer 4K Projector is one of the best 4K projectors to buy on Amazon. This projector is perfect for those in search of bigger, brighter, and Breathtaking image quality. The brightness level of this projector is limited to 3000 lumens.

So, if image quality is the sole point from your side then it’s for you. In another hand, if the price is the key point then it’s too expensive.

5. YABER Y21 Native

Y21 Native may be another competitive option for you if you are in search of the best projector for bright rooms. The projector features Full HD Resolution support and has video support up to UHD, it’s 4K HD.

Furthermore, we have a higher brightness level for the outdoor fit. Yes, YABER NATIVE features the 7800L higher brightness that definitely makes it complete your home entertainment and projects.

Also, the 1,00,000 hours longer lamp life makes it to go for this projector. Besides this, we have got excellent screen quality with its higher resolution. Coming to its salient features then we can get the Split screen features with an optical X/ Y Zoom function.

With the use of an advanced Dual-cooling system, you can experience worry-free entertainment.  In order to improve the performance by maintaining the heating issue, this projector is applied with intelligent technology that meets the features of flagship projectors for brighter rooms.

Additionally, we don’t need to miss the crisp and clear sound from the Dual default stereo speakers placed on it. From this dual stereo speaker, it’s possible to complete your visual audio projector and also on your home entertainment.


  • Supports the 4K UHD Videos
  • Higher 7800L Brightness Level
  • In-built Dual Stereo Sound System
  • Optical Zoom
  • 300” Bigger Screen with Remote Control


  • Higher Price 

Our Views: YABER is like Acer from our list. If a Giant screen and Excellent Image Quality are the key needs for you then it’s for you. Although, this projector is perfect in each feature the price is higher than compared to the normal projectors. So, if you have enough money then I personally recommend you to go through this projector.

6. EPSON EX3260

Searching for the best projector under 400? EPSON EX3260 is that budget-friendly projector that meets your average quality needs under the price. We have got the 3300 Lumens brightness level on this projector which is okay for your brighter rooms.

As a native, this projector comes with a 480P resolution which is below 720P Medium HD. In actuality, we get an SVGA resolution of 800 x 600 Pixels which is okay for your home entertainment and also for your office presentation. In fact, you miss the output quality.

Under the budget, EPSON tried the best to give the longer Lamp hours of 10K hours. 10K hours is okay in terms of the price. As more, there are the easy installation features that I got.

In terms of connectivity and compatibility, this projector is okay. We can connect this projector to our Mac, PC with HDMI as a connector. Sadly, we can get just a single HDMI Cable.


  • 10000 Lamp Hours Is up to satisfaction
  • Portable and Easy Installation
  • Compatible


  • 3300 Lumens Brightness Level is not perfect for your outdoor projects
  • Compromise on Picture Quality
  • Single HDMI Port


Our Views: Although EPSON EX3260 is one of the best projectors under $400 it misses the complete target of the best projector for bright rooms. As per the price, design quality and lumens are okay but the picture quality and its single HDMI port create the limitation on use. So, if you need a portable projector then it’s for you, if you need better image quality then it’s not for you.


7. ViewSonic 3800 Lumens SVGA Projector (PA503S)

It meets the majority of features of the best projector for bright rooms. The 3800 Lumens brightness level of this projector is okay. Personally, I got improved and up to satisfaction level of projects with its 3800L on the brighter rooms.

In terms of features, we can find the 260 Watts power with the VGA Hardware Interface. It’s one of the advanced visual projectors for your home entertainment and in your personal business.

Up to 120 inches of screen output is perfectly okay for your home cinema and also for your office small business meetings. Another main feature that I got on it is portable and easy installation features.

Under the lower budget, we can expect the longer hours of the Lamp. The 15,000 Lamp Hours is one of the perfect life span on such budget projectors with an Eco Mode.

Besides, connectivity is also the key point of this projector. ViewSonic definitely tries to satisfy the consumer by making it compatible with your multiple devices like PC, Mac, Chromecast, DVD Players, Fire TV, etc.


  • 3800 Lumens brightness level
  • 15000 hours Longer Lamp Life
  • 3D Image Production
  • Portable, Easy Installation & Compatible
  • Easy Connectivity


  • Limited to 120”
  • Single HDMI Port


Our Views: It’s the perfect setting for your home for higher brightness in the output. Also, the perfect setting for your small business projects. This projector definitely values the money by giving the best features over the price. In fact, here we have to face the quality issue.

8. SOTEFE Mini LED Projector

It’s really a Mini and handy projector that I got with the higher level of Lumen for your brighter rooms. We can find clear image production on this projector even in the light area with the 6000 Lumen brightness.

This Mini Projector is the perfect setting for your smartphones to explore the experience in a bigger screen. Yes, this is not just a Mini Projector, but it’s your Pocket projector for your shows and movies.

SOTEFE Mini is one of the best projectors for bright rooms with its higher brightness and clear vision. The Full HD Resolution can be supported under this projector. Personally, it’s one of the perfect and portable projectors for your home theatre.

As like this, we can get adequate control over this projector with the connection of smartphones and a handy remote too. Also good, it’s Lamp Life (750000 Hours).

Moving towards connectivity then we can connect to this projector from our smartphones wirelessly. Yes, we got the feature of Wireless and has the better experience in this lower budget.

Additionally, the contrast ratio that we can expect here is also good. We got the 3000:1 for the clear vision of the projects. In terms of connectivity, we can find the Wi-Fi for smartphones, HDMI, AVI, VGA, SD Card, etc.

Also, you can run this projector for projecting from your TV, Laptop, DVD Player, etc. Its Eye Protection features are really impressive. In the specification tab, it is clearly mentioned the projector values your sight of the eye by protecting the eyesight.



  • Expected Level of Brightness
  • Supports the FULL HD Resolution
  • 75K Longer Lamp Hours
  • Multi-connection, Wireless for smartphones
  • Built-in Speaker
  • Eyesight Protection with the LED Nature


  • Limited screen output
  • Minor Bugs
  • Single HDMI CABLE


Our Views: SOTEFE Mini is one of the best projector under 200. At the lower price, we can enjoy the better features from this projector. Personally, it’s the perfect projector for your home projects and entertainment.

Here, the Support of 1080P resolution, Higher Brightness, and Longer Lamp life are the key features. Besides the poor quality and latency issue makes you skip this projector from this list.

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