Things to consider before buying laptop for streaming

Looking for one of the most significant laptops for streaming is an impossible task. Because there is not only one brand that produces only one excellent laptop. Instead, there is a huge collection of laptops that perform best for you.

But what actually is the ‘best laptop' for you? You may look for the best laptops for streaming but your vision is not clear. Here, from the vision I mean your goal for your desired system.

Many people consider that the best device is one with a decent display. Many others think that internal specifications make the system the best. However, I would say that a reliable body with strong internals and decent display makes a device the best.

So, for a smart laptop for live streaming, I will ask you to check the following features.

1.Laptop size and form

While buying the best system, you must keep in mind that what you need to for? Your laptop should always be travel-friendly because, for your work, you will need to go out sometimes. Also, if you want to do live streaming, you just have a portable device with a travel-friendly size.

Mostly, the laptop sizes start from 11.6 inches and range up to 17.3 inches. Also, famous brands like HP, DELL, Acer, and Asus manufacture three sizes of display screens.

These sizes are 13.3, 15.6-inch display, and 17.3 inches as well. And, some other brands produce 11.6 inches screen and 12.6 inches as well as 14 inches.

But, if you are looking for portability that lasts longer and helps you in travel, you must go for smaller laptops. That’s because they are easy to carry and mostly come from around 1kg to 1.5kg. You can get Windows laptops with this weight and portability. Among them, you can choose 12.3 to 13.3 inches systems.

Also, you have to keep in mind that 13.3 inches screen size video screening laptop will not have a strong

processor. You may not get a high-end graphics card. So, if you want an i7 processor and a decent graphics card then go for 15.6 inches display devices.

2. Display quality

When it comes to displaying quality, you must not compromise at all. That’s because you will keep on working for a while constantly watching the screen. So, a bad display will affect your eyes. And you can not look at the screen for a long time. Also, many brands have introduced touchscreens a long time ago.

These touchscreens have taken the trend far enough and you can work on it is a keyboard. So, before buying a laptop, you also have to decide what type of screen do you want.

But, there is a flaw with this touchscreen as well. Touching the screen constantly will create glossiness on the screen. This will disturb your view especially if you are play games or edit videos or something else.

However, many brands have improved the screen quality and sensitivity of the touch screen, yet it is not good for excessive use. So, if you work as a typist or do any work of excessive typing, don’t opt for touchscreen.

One more point to remember is the resolution of the screen. Your minimum requirement must be 1920x1080 pixels. This will let you keep the space of Windows and you can view sharp images.

But, if you do editing or a pro user, you can go for a 4K display. This will not only give you an extreme result but will increase the system rate as well. So, you will need to raise the budget a bit higher for that.

For a pro gamer, it is best to choose a display with more than a 144Hz refresh rate. Also, an IPS Panel will be best to protect your eyes and give a smoother result. You can easily compete with anyone with a fast response rate and a smooth view.

3.Keyboard quality

Having a comfortable keyboard is also one of the most significant features of a laptop. You will need an easy to press keyboard for gaming or any other task. But, not all laptops come with this kind of keyboard. You always need to find one. If you search for a decent keyboard, check out if it has a comfortable layout.

Also, see whether the keys are popped up or not. Nowadays, you will find a backlit keyboard, particularly on a gaming laptop. This keyboard is best if you are playing games or doing any typing work in the dark.

Many gaming systems come with RGB backlighting keyboards. These are a strong plus for typing. Also, whether your system has a backlit keyboard or not, make sure the letters are prominent. Having an easy-to-click keyboard is also a blessing.

You can do quick typing without tiring your fingers. So, make sure your keyboard has clicky keys. It is best to have a decent travel distance of 1.5mm between the keys.


A CPU is the life for any kind of laptop or PC. You will see many laptop brands manufacturing systems with different processors. Also, if you don’t understand the depth of technology, you will still see a sticker pasted on the laptop. This sticker will show if the device has an i7 processor or an i3. If you have to simple tasks, i3 processor Intel will work for you.

That’s because it is best for initial work. And, if you have to do live streaming promoted gaming, you can pick the i5-i6 processor. This will be the best choice. However, for hardcore gaming and other multiple tasks, don’t compromise on the core i7 processor.

But, with this, you will also face overheating issues of the system. So, there are laptops and gaming systems that come with cooling features. They keep the device cool for a long time. Also, there are many cooling mats, laptops holder, and other devices to keep them cool.

Moreover, some brands have also introduced devices with i9 processors. They work the best for professional uses and professional gaming. But, they cost high. Some brands also manufacture laptops with AMD Rhyzen processors. These processors are perfect for gamers because they are paired with Vega graphics of AMD.

So, you will get high-end graphics with a strong CPU. These laptops are way better than Intel processor laptops. So if you want budget laptops, you can get them with an i7 processor or AMD Rhyzen processors as well.


Being a beginner, you will need only 4GB RAM. This will let you work on the basic tasks easily. But, if you do any kind of online work or do online homework, keep 8GB RAM as a minimum. er, for office works or streaming videos, you need 16GB of RAM at least. Moreover, for professional work like pro gaming or multitasking, you must have 32GB RAM.

There is also a generation of RAM that is ddr4 RAM. On RAM, you will see DDR imprinted on it. It will contain a digit next to it. The digit will represent your RAM clock speed. For instance, you will see DDR4 RAM or DDR5 RAM as well. This is also their response speed.

Also, you must know about the single or dual-channel RAM. Although, this will not make much difference if you do routine work on the laptop. Yet, for upgrading the system, you should pick dual-channel RAM. This will increase the RAM clock speed and you can manage your work more easily. So, having the latest RAM is best for your system to keep up with the speedy work.


Internal storage is the main thing to look at on a laptop. Also, you must prefer SSD over HDD. Because any device with a hard disk will enhance its weight. Also, as the hard drive takes space, the system physic has to be thick. This makes the device look less attractive. So, I always prefer choosing SSD devices over hard disk devices.

That’s because they are more reliable and devices containing slim body. You will note that powerful laptops will always come with SSD. Also, they are lightweight because the SSD is installed in the system in a form factor. Also, this drive runs with no noise at all and boosts the system speed. You will your programs loading much faster than before. And, the performance will be lag-free as well.

Well, I would inform you regarding the flaws of having SSD storage. It will be expensive more than HDD and SSD storage. On a huge budget, you will get insufficient storage. You will get 128GB SSD, 512GB SSD, 256GB SSD storage. But, this is not even closer to a 1TB hard drive.

Now, you will also see the latest drive NVME SSD. However, you can also manage with SSD storage.

7.Battery Life

A good battery life adds to the long life of the laptop. While purchasing any laptop, you must check the battery life. That’s because, whether you use the system for gaming or official use, you will need a battery. Many systems come with 4-5 hours battery life, and some are of 6-7 hours. But, many factors affect the battery timing as well.

The screen resolution matters the most. Also, the brightness as well as the number of apps matter. The Blue tooth and Wi-Fi also matter to the battery speed. And, it depends that whether you keep the WiFi connection for a long time or not. So, these factors affect the battery timing the most.

Many people don’t know that operating systems also play a vital part in battery life. Laptops with the latest operating systems come along with 10 hours of battery life. Also, you must know that if you use your laptop for data transfer with another device, it takes a lot of battery.

Also, streaming a lot of videos and playing high-end graphic games drain a lot of battery. Now to check the battery timing, you have to check that what is the mAH of the battery life. The larger the digits of the battery mAH are, the greater the battery timing will be. If you have a 13.3 inches notebook, a 40WH or 50WH battery will work the best for you. And, you have to check that your devices charges quickly.

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