Best Gaming PC Under $500: Find Best PC for your Desktop

Getting the best PC for your computer for under $500 is one of the challenging tasks. As we all know, the PC is the combination of a lot of components that make your system perform super fast and better. When we come towards better gaming than we need to consider the different things like its RAM, Storage, CPU, GPU, etc. For making you easy in getting the best gaming PC under $500 we have given this brief review on the top 5 lists.

Gaming is one of the keys and fundamental essentials for a lot of users. Nowadays the craze towards the games is increasing day today. Because of this to get a better gaming experience we are in search of a good gaming PC under 500.

Sometimes because of the slow performance, we may lose the game. As we can say, the down performance is one major reason for the failure of the match in your PC. For this reason, we have reviewed the 5 best gaming PC under 500 dollars that meet the next-level gaming experience.

Best Gaming PC Under $500

After noticing a lot of factors and elements available in a good PC, we have created the 5 best gaming PC under 500 dollars that meet all of your gaming needs.

1. CUK AsRockDeskMini X300W Tiny Desktop 

DeskMini is one of the mini PC for your computer. Although the name suggests the size of this PC as Mini, we can find the super level performance. Definitely, we got such a powerful gaming PC under 500 that meets all the quality of a good gaming PC.

Here we get the AMD Ryzen 3 3200G CPU. It’s a quad-core CPU with a clock speed from 3.6GHz to 4.0Ghz. similarly, the 4MB cache features make your CPU level even better.

When we move towards the RAM and SSD we get the 16GB DDR4 Based on 3200MHz. this 16 GB RAM is pretty enough for processing and maintains the number of background spaces. While with the 512GB SSD Storage, it’s enough for storing the number of data you need.

Coming to the graphics, we get the AMD Radeon RX Vega 8 Processor. The Graphical processing of this PC is better for the gaming level.


  • Comes with the 3.6GHz Clock Speed with boost speed up to 4.0GHz
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM is enough for processing
  • Better GPU, AMD Radeon RX Vega 8
  • 512GB SSD Storage
  • Latest USB Type C Port with the latest Version


  • Physical body is not attractive
  • No default installation of OS

2. CUK Continuum Micro Gamer PC 

If you are ready to pay quite higher than $500, then you can get another best gaming PC that may fulfill your true gaming performance. The CUK Continuum is that gaming PC features the 16GB 3000MHz RAM with the 256GB SSD.

The 16GB DDR4 RAM based on the 3000MHz is perfect for giving a better flavor to your gaming. Also, 256GB SSD Drive is also enough to have for gaming only. If you are searching for a bigger volume, then you need to compromise on it.

Regarding the processor and performance, it’s super. Here we get the AMD Ryzen 3 3200G Quad-core CPU as our previous AsRockDeskMini. Here also, the clock speed is boosted up to 4.0GHz with a minimum speed of 3.6GHz.

When we move towards the Power then the power supply of this PC is 500W. regarding the accessories, we got the Latest USB Type C, Wi-Fi, Wired LED-Backlit, and many more.


  • CPU speed is 3.6GHz with the Maximum boost speed up to 4.0GHz
  • Better with16GB DDR4 RAM
  • Quad processor with Radeon RX Vega 8 GPU
  • Latest USB Type C Port with the Latest Version


  • 256GB SSD Storage may not enough

3. Fast Dell Inspiron 3650

The best gaming PC under 500 that I got that meets almost all the requirements in good gaming PC is Fast Dell Inspiron 3650. It’s that perfect PC comes with the 8GB of RAM and has the 1TB HD Storage.

Fast dell inspiron 3650 is based on the Intel Core 6th Generation i5 with the higher performance of 6400. The Quad-core with the clock speed of 3.3GHz is pretty enough for the next level of gaming.

When we move towards the Graphical properties, then we get the NVIDIA GeForce 730 with the Reserve 2GB BDDR3 RAM. Beside this we get the HDMI + DVI that makes more to think about this PC.

Also, the latest USB 3.0, DVD-RW, Bluetooth 4.0, makes more capable and easy on you for going to the Dell Fast Inspiron 3650.


  • Budget oriented PC
  • Enough processing with the 8GB RAM and 1TB HD based on 7200RPM
  • Quad processor with the NVIDIA GeForce 730
  • 2GB GDDR3 RAM for Gaming Card
  • Features the latest connectivity
  • Installed Windows 10 Home Edition


  • Better to have 16GB RAM rather than 8GB

4. iBUYPOWER Pro Gaming PC Computer 

The powerful gaming PC that comes with the Intel graphics for boosting your gaming performance is not other than Ibuypower pro. It’s another best gaming PC under $500 from our list that comes with the 1GB Installed memory.

It bases this PC on the Intel Core i7 with the clock speed of 3.0Ghz and has the Turbo boot speed up to 4.70GHz. Also, the drive storage is pretty enough for you. The 1TB HDD storage and 240GB SSD Storage make you enough for choosing this PC.

As it comes with the Intel Graphics so we can get the NVIDIA GeForce GPU used on this PC. This GPU comes with the RTX 2060 based on the 6GB Gaming card. Overall, the Graphical phase of this PC is powerful.

In terms of connectivity, we can find the Wi-Fi Included, VR Ready, and Installed Windows OS. Along with this PC, you can also get the set of Gaming keyboard and RBG Gaming mouse.


  • Comes with the 3.0GHz CPU Speed with the max turbo speed of 4.70GHz
  • 16GBDDR4 RAM with the 1TB HDD & 240GB SSD
  • Features the USB 3.0 with 4x speed
  • Based on Intel graphics, Intel Core i7, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060
  • Comes with the 6GB Dedicated Gaming Card
  • 1 Year Product warranty
  • Windows 10 Home Edition Installed

5. 10 Core Desktop PC by YL

The 8GB RAM with the 2TB HD is pretty enough for mid-level gamers. It bases this 10 Core Gaming Computer PC on the CPU model of AMD. Anyway, it’s the best gaming PC under $500 for you.

Here we get the CPU based on the Quad-core. It limits the memory speed up to 1600MHz. coming to its graphical part, then there is the use of RADEON R7.

It fixes the clock speed with the 3.5GHz processor and features the latest USB 3.0 for connectivity. With its Quad-core processor, you can get enough benefits for your middle-level gaming.


  • Comes with a clock speed of .5GHz
  • 8GB RAM with the 2TB SSD
  • Features the USB 3.0, High-Definition audio
  • Based on AMD,
  • Windows 10 Home Edition Installed


  • Not better performance
  • Lacks the latest connectivity
  • Lacks CD Drive, Wi-Fi
  • Unsatisfied customer review
From the top 5 list of best gaming PC under 500, we tried to include the best among the best to meet your gaming level. We have reviewed on 5 best PC for making you easy in choosing the perfect for boosting your gaming level.

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