Best gaming chair under $300

Searching for the best gaming chair? Here we have listed the best gaming chair under $500 for you. The gaming chair is one of the priorities of every gamer to get more actual experience in gaming. Yes, if you are a gamer and in search of the best gaming chair under $500, then here is the review for you.

With an aim of providing the best gaming chair, we have provided a list of some top gaming chairs. Also, to make simple decisions we have also done, pros and cons on each.

To get real-time experience and better gaming on your PC is possible after getting such gaming chairs. Definitely, such chairs are designed for the gamers to get full enjoyment and ease in a long time of sitting. Okay, let’s see this top 5 gaming chair under $500.

Best Gaming Chair Under $500

From the research and best review from the different amazon, we have collected the best gaming chair. Our aim for all of this is to boost your gaming experience

1. AK Racing Masters Series Max

The most effective gaming chair from our list that comes with the better design and comfort is AK Racing Masters Series Max. As with other products from this AK Racing, it’s the best for your gaming.

Definitely, this gaming chair is fully optimized and designed to live up to your gaming experience. With its flat seat, you will get more comfortable in seating. Its high density and anti-corrosive nature make you go for it.

Further, we can get top-level quality leather for a strong physical body. Also, there will be ease in the cleaning process of this chair nature.

Its adjustable rocking nature and also the custom heavy-duty gas lift make the gaming experience even better. Also, it’s easy to use this chair with its 4D Armrests.


  • Comfortable
  • PU top quality leather-based body
  • Boost the gaming experience
  • Adjustable rocking function
  • Rotates in all 4 directions with its 4D Armrests


  • We can’t find

2. OFM ESS High Back Leather Gaming Chair

The second best gaming chair under $500 from our list is OFM ESS. It’s a 160-degree reclining-based gaming chair that can rotate at the fixed point from 90 to 160 degrees. Here we get the better adjustable tilt that makes effective control over your motion and rate of recline.

This gaming chair features 15-degree rocking capability and also gives the best control in your motion with the adjustable lumbar. With its 360-degree swivel base, you are more likely to boost your gaming experience.

Also, to give quality support while you are in gaming mode, this chair features he-shaped steel tube framing. Getting relax and maximum control over your game is possible with this gaming chair.


  • Best gaming chair
  • Adjustable control rate
  • 360 degrees swivel base
  • Better experience with the quality support
  • Lifetime warranty on OFM


  • Weak fabric

3. AK Racing Masters Series Premium

The PU leather-based premium gaming chair with the super comfortable for your longer time on gaming is AK Racing Masters Series Premium. It’s a comfortable gaming chair for getting better performance in your gaming.

With its metallic frame and anti-corrosive nature, it’s better and gives effective relaxation while you are gaming. Also, its adjustable headrest makes you easier on getting enjoyed during the games.

Further, there are pillows for better comfortable and rest. The gaming performance will definitely boost with its 4D armrests that make the chair rotate in all directions.

Further, its advanced level mechanism makes easier in the chair’s function. Yes, this premium chair reflects a better experience that definitely meets all the requirements of a good gaming chair.

The class 4 gas lift with 330 lbs is a good option for all types and body size people.


  • Comes with the PU Leather
  • Adjustable headrest and comfortable pillow
  • 4D Armrests for adjustable
  • Comes with an adjustable rocking function
  • Smooth functioning and better casters


  • Narrow and aggressive side bolsters

4. AK Racing Core Series EX-Wide

Another best gaming chair under $500 from our list is again for the AK Racking. AKRacing Core Series EX-Wide is the perfect ergonomic gaming chair that is best for your better gaming experience.

Here we get the 330lbs weight limit with the adjustable mechanisms for an easy and better experience. It is sure that you will get an extreme level of comfort from this gaming chair. Also, its durability is better than the normal gaming chair at the same price.

The rocking function of this chair is also great. Here we can get the standard mechanism for easy 4 sides and rotation of the chair when you’re on gaming.

Moving towards its back and comfortability, we can also find the XL pillow on the head back for giving proper relaxation to your gaming.


  • Better seat and adjustable
  • Adjustable rocking function
  • 3D Armrests for adjustable
  • Comes with a back head pillow


  • Wider armrests, not better for the beginners and thin gamers

5. Arozzi Verona V2 Advance Gaming Chair

The last but not the least gaming chair is Arozzi Verona V2. It’s one of the Advance Gaming chairs that comes with the racing-style gaming chair. Its ergonomic design makes it possible to go for gaming for longer hours.

The lightweight metallic frame makes this chair more relatable for users and gamers. Its high-level foam with an adequate level of density makes the chair more relaxable while you are on continuous gaming.

Coming to its physical design, then we got better to look. Yes, its impressive design makes you go for it. Because of its simple, adjustable, and comfortable nature, you’re more likely to go for it.

Its adjustable arm sets make it easy in moving up and down to your chair as per your need and height. Also, we can get the steep recline nature for the better maintenance of your posture while in gaming.


  • Features and ergonomic design
  • Adjustable armlets
  • Comes with the revamped Verona V2
  • Rocking function for better change
  • Comes with heavyweight support of 105Kg and 231bs

Getting the perfect chair for your gaming is now possible after reading this brief review of the pros, and cons of each product. Yes, the list of the top 5 best gaming chairs under $500 definitely may make you choose the best chair that meets all your gaming needs.

From my personal expectation, I got the Arrozzi Verona 2 as the perfect gaming chair that comes with almost all the quality features. We got the adjustable arm sets that make you more comfortable as you present.

For the rotating and better change, then we can find the Rocking function that helps to meet that needs. Overall, from my side may be the best gaming chair with several positive reviews on amazon by the reviewers and buyers.

What to Expect on Good Gaming Chair?

In a good gaming chair, we must have to focus on some basic points. Its arm sets, rocking function, design, number of lbs, etc are the major points. If the chair meets all these features in the mentioned level, then that will be the perfect gaming chair for you.

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