Top 5 Best Bluetooth speakers under 2,000 in india


Are you in a search of portable wireless Bluetooth speakers for boosting the sound performance from your smartphones? We can find many Bluetooth speakers that help in making your sound better. Because of this, we have provided the list of the 5 best Bluetooth speakers under 2000 in India.

Here we are going to talk about the mini Bluetooth speakers. That can be portable and easily carriable/portable.

Things to Consider Before Buying Wireless Speakers

Before finding the best Bluetooth speakers below 2000, I request you to read the basic points that are to be considered while buying the new speakers.

Portability – Portability is the mandatory factor for Bluetooth speakers. So, make sure the Bluetooth speakers that you are going to buy are portable.

Bluetooth Version – As like Android Version the latest version of Bluetooth is better. So, these days better to go for the Bluetooth version above 5.0.

Water Resistant – If possible, then you for the waterproof speakers.

Extra Smart Features – choose that Bluetooth speakers that work on multiple sources. Not just from the Bluetooth but also from your PC, Laptops, Micro SD, USB, etc.

Multi-Room Option – For getting more advance in the sound world it’s better to go for that wireless speaker having the multi-room features.

5 Best Bluetooth Speakers under 2000

Here’s the list of best Bluetooth speakers below 2000 INR,

1. Philips BT2505G, Wireless Speaker with FM Mode

Philips BT2505G is one of the best and powerful Bluetooth speakers that I got from Amazon for you. it is the perfect and impressive rectangle design speaker that comes with the full features of Micro SD, FM, Micro Phone support.

Here we can find the 7W powerful sound. With this, you can make a better level of experience from the sound. Its compact design is very impressive. You don’t need to be sad in terms of its body.

Because of its lightweight nature, you can easily carry this speaker with you for playing the sound anywhere and everywhere. Further, there is a built-in set battery for charging this speaker.


1. Impressive flat design.

2. Features multi-support on playing the from Bluetooth, Micro SD, FM

3. Default microphone for making calls easy

4. Portable

5. Better sound quality with the 7W power sound features

6. 1 year warranty

2. Infinity Fuze IPX7 Waterproof Wireless Speaker (JBL)

Infinity Fuze comes with 100 Deep basses and has a Dual equalizer. The waterproof is one of the best points that I got in this speaker. Yes, it’s a wireless Bluetooth speaker that is perfect to use while in a wet area too.

Its Dual equalizer modes make you easy in choosing the modes as per your need. We can get the Normal + Deep Bass mode as per the need to select.

The 9 hours long battery life is also the best point that I got about this speaker. Yes, this earphone can able to last the sound for 9 hours and has also a frequency range from 120Hz to 20KHz.


1. Portable.

2. Features the Dual equalizer mode from Normal and Deep Bass

3. Battery backup up to 9 hours

4. Durable with its fabric material

5. Comes with the Speakerphone and IPX Waterproof

6. 1 year warranty

3. Boltt Fire-Boltt Xplode 1500 Outdoor Speaker

This speaker is one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 2000 in India. The best point that I got about this speaker is that it’s waterproof and weatherproof. Yes, because of this you will get worry-free use of this speaker in the weather.

It is clearly mentioned, this is one of the best Bluetooth speakers for an outdoor purpose. If you are planning to travel outside the house with the speakers, then I recommend you to go for these speakers for under 2000 INR.

With its latest Bluetooth V5, you can easily get more power in connecting the devices. Yes, it is a compatible speaker on all devices. For better sound, you have to maintain the distance not over 10-20 meters.


1. Bar magnet shaped design, perfect for outdoor purpose

2. IPX7 Waterproof and weatherproof

3. Playback up to 8 hours

4. Latest Bluetooth V5.0

5. 1200mAh Rechargeable battery

6. Stereo speaker for surround sound, HD Sound

7. 1 year warranty

8. Control with an App

4. JBL Go Wireless Speaker with Mic

Another portable wireless speaker with Mic under 2000 is JBL Go. JBL Go comes with the JBL Signature Sound and has playback support for up to 5 hours. We can get the wireless frequency from 180Hz to 20KHz.

There is control over your Google Assistant with its Mic features. Yes, you can activate the Google Assistant and Safari easily using the Play button.

Besides this, we can also find the Noise-cancelling speakerphone for easy handling of your calls. Overall, it’s the perfect wireless speaker with Mic under 2000.


1. Comes with the JBL Signature sound
2. Easy activation of the Google Assistant, Safari, and other AI
3. Come with the Mic, Noise-cancelling speakerphone
4. 1 year warranty

5. Portronics SoundDrum POR-871, Bluetooth 4.2 Stereo

Portronics SoundDrum POR-871 comes with Bluetooth V4.2. It’s that perfect wireless that features the stereo speaker for better and bigger sound quality.

This speaker comes with the 10Watatge and has Bluetooth V4.2 installed. This Bluetooth version 4.2 is combined with 250% secure and faster protocols. Besides this, we can also find the support of USB, Micro SD, etc.

For the backup, then we can find the 1800mAh bigger battery. This 1800mAh battery can push your experience for around 7 hours with a charge of just 2 hours (100% full in 2 hours).

Also, we can find the water and sweat-resistant features in this speaker. Because of this, you don’t need to be a worry about using this speaker in light rain.


1. Round cylinder design with the portable nature
2. Stereo speakers with the Bluetooth V4.2
3. Better battery backup with 1800mAh, full charge in 2 hours
4. Features the water and sweat resistant
5. 1 year warranty

Here we have mentioned the top 5 best Bluetooth speakers under 2000 in India. We hope after going to this post you can find the best product that meets all your needs under the price.

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