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Hello friends, welcome to you in our new article, we will talk on this today about PWD, if you also want to get the complete information about pwd, then this article will be completed from the beginning to the end, here we will tell you What is PWD, what is the full form of PWD, how to get a PWD job, how to become a PWD officer, complete information of PWD, how much is the salary of a PWD officer. We mean in today's article, we will give you complete information about PWD. So let's start without any unnecessary talk. The complete information of PWD is as follows: -

If seen in this way, pwd has many types of full forms such as

1). Persons with Disabilities (PWD)

2). Public Works Department (PWD)

3). Print Working Directoryy (PWD)

4). Pass with Distinction (PWD)

But in today's article, we are going to talk about Public Works Department which is a government organization. Lets talk about pwd without wasting your time.

What is the full form of PWD?

Pwd is an organization that works for the public from the government and the full form of pwd is something like this

PWD: - Public Works Department

Public Works Department has the meaning or meaning of Public Works Department in Hindi. It is a government institution that undertakes construction works for the people.

What is a PWD?

PWD i.e. Public Works Department. As we know from its full name, it is an organization made for the creation of people for the people, which works under the government, its main job is to provide various kinds of facilities to the people.

What is the function of PWD?

Pwd performs a variety of tasks such as building roads, repairing bad roads, expanding pure water for people, building bridges in the country, building hospitals, constructing government buildings, building government schools and their finances. do.

These four works of Pwd are very important: -

1). Drinking water system

 The biggest problem in our country is the pure water of the drink, the responsibility of removing this problem lies with the PWD i.e. the Public Works Department. Wherever there is a water pipeline, if there is a problem, such as a pipeline burst, then the responsibility of Muramat is also that of pwd.

2). Road construction and repair

 In India, where there is a need to build a road, this organization does road construction work there. And if there is any defect in the roads built earlier, then the responsibility of his pardon is also that of the pwd

3). Bridge construction

The responsibility of construction of bridges and the repair of bridges is also that of pwd. The pwd is very strict about the construction of bridges so that there is no further accident.

4). Hospital construction

The responsibility of construction of government hospital is also that of pwd so that no person will face any problem in future. 

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How to get a job in PWD?

1). If you want to apply for civil's job in Pwd, then you must have a diploma of engineering civil

2). If you want to apply for an electronics job in Pwd, then you must have an electronics engineer diploma. After that you

How many exams are there to get the job of PWD officer?

To become a PWD officer, you need to pass 3 types of exams and those three types of exams are as given below: -

1). Pre Exam

2). Main exam

3). Interview (100)

What is the mandatory age of a candidate to get a job in Pwd?

To become a pwd officer to get a job in Pwd, you must be between 21 and 38 years of age, if you are SC or ST or OBC, then special age relaxation will be given in terms of age.

What is the salary of a PWD officer?

And if we talk about what is the monthly salary of a pwd officer, then the salary is as follows: The salary of a pwd officer ranges from Rs. 9800 to Rs. 34800. Apart from this, some government facilities are also given to the pwd officer such as government houses and government vehicles. .

Important Notice: - The salary of pwd officer changes as per time.

So friends, this was the complete information about PWD in which we have told you what is PWD, what is the full form of PWD, how to get a PWD job, how to become a PWD officer, complete information about PWD, how much is the salary of a PWD officer. Hopefully, whatever you have written, you must have understood easily, if you have some difficulty in understanding, then you can ask us by commenting in the comment box, if you liked our article, then comment us by commenting below. Please tell and share with your friends, in the end, all I want to say to you is that if you want to become a PWD officer, then give your contribution in the progress of the country with all your heart and sincerity. Thank you!


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