How to change registered mobile number in dish tv

In today's time, all work is being done online. Entertainment plays an important role in our life. We also have a DTH serviece to entertain, for which we have to register our mobile number also, if for some reason our mobile If the number changes, then it is mandatory for us to change our new number in dish tv, so how can you change your old number in dish tv, today we are going to tell you about it, let's start without any unnecessary talk. And know how to change the registered mobile number in dish tv, what is dish tv, what are 3 ways to change your register mobile number in dish tv.

What is Dish tv and can you change your old register number?

Dish tv is a DTH service that works to bring entertainment to your home and to your mobile. Dish tv is a servise in India's top10 DTH servise, through which you enjoy entertainment not only in your tv at home but in India. You can also take it anywhere in your mobile phone and the question of people is whether we can change our old register number and keep a new number, then the answer is yes. but how? We will go ahead about it, and start without wasting your time.

You can change your register mobile number in dish tv in 3 ways.

1). Online

2). Via phone call

3). Via message

 All three ways are very easy, just read our article carefully and carefully.

Online How to change your dish-tv register mobile number?

Online to change your mobile number, you will have to follow some easy steps according to the following steps: -

1). In today's era, everyone will have an android phone, all you have to do is download the dish tv app in that phone, you can also download this app from the playstore.

2). After installing the app, you log in simpel bit in that app.

3). After login, you have to go to the menu of that app.

4). After going to the menu, you will see the profile icon there and click there.

5). As soon as you enter the profile, you will get to see your old register mobile number there and click there.

6). Then you have to easily cut your old number and enter your new number, after entering, you save that number.

7). Then that app will take 15 minutes, after 15 minutes your new number will be saved.

So these were some easy steps to change mobile number online

How to change your dish tv mobile number from a phone call?

If no one has android phone then there is nothing to worry about, you can change your mobile number from a phone call, it is also very easy, just follow some easy steps given below: -

1). You have to call a number that number is 9501795017 this number is the customer care number of dish tv.

2). 9501795017 Wait a few seconds after calling this number. When the customer care person picks up your call, he will ask you what we can help you, then you have to tell about changing your mobile number.

3). Then he will get some information from you through which he will verify your account, do not be afraid and give him the right information. If you give wrong information to them, then they can be processed in your account verification.

4). After verifying your account, they will ask for your new mobile number and when you give them your number, they will update that number.

5). The process that takes place after numbering takes 15 minutes to finish, your mobile number changes after 15 minutes.

So in this way also you can change your mobile number and you can also change your mobile number through message. Let's know how.

How to change your mobile number through a message?

If you want to change your mobile number through a message, then this is the easiest way, just you have to do a message, the way to message is as given below

1). First you go to the message box of your phone

2). After going to the message box, you type DISH TV space RMN space (your Vc number of 11 numbers).

For example: - DISHTV RMN 12345678910

3). Send this typed message to this 57575 number.

4). After 15 minutes of sending this message, you will get a message that says that your mobile number has changed.

So this was another easy way by which you can change your mobile number.

So friends, this was how to change the registered mobile number in dish tv, what is dish tv, complete information about 3 ways to change your register mobile number in dish tv. Hopefully, you will be able to understand our words easily, if you have difficulty in understanding anything, then you can ask us by commenting in the comment box below and if you liked this article then we will also Be sure to comment in the comment box and share with your friends. Thank you!

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